Full Moon Drive-In Cinema

Rich in the distilled romance of one of cinema’s fondest bygone eras, the legendary Full Moon Drive-In offers guests an eccentrically sentimental amalgamation of ground-breaking film-making and nostalgic enchantment. Throughout summer we’ll be inviting you to join us at some of the country’s most enchanting  venues for series of truly original pop-up drive-ins.

Pop-Up CineMA, in collaboration with the sophisticated vignette of viticulture that is Elgin Vintners, cordially invite you to park your bonnet at the season debut of the Elgin Valley Full Moon Drive-In…the first in our highly anticipated series of pop-up drive-in screenings.


Taking place between the velvet folds of a moon-kissed Elgin valley, our season opener premieres on Saturday December 6th with a screening of ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’, an artful apparition flung fancily onto the Cape’s largest outdoor inflatable screen.


Featuring every conceivable cinematic convenience from ushers to popcorn to the sophisticated potions perfected by the Elgin valley’s quintessential winemakers, this celebration of cinema’s fondest bygone eras is limited to 150 vehicles – So put methane in your muscle cars, grease up the mind gears, and come catch a moon tan…