A – all ages category and means it is suitable for all.


PG – all ages category but cautious sensitive viewers and indicates that parents and caregivers are in the best position to decide whether or not a child in their care may view film or DVD for home entertainment purposes.


PG 7 – A parent or caregiver may decide if the material is appropriate for children their care from ages 7-9, if it is of particular entertainment or educational value for such children. Children from the ages of 7-9 years may not be allowed to watch a film classified 7-9 unless accompanied by an adult.


PG 11 – A parent or caregiver may decide if the material is appropriate for children to decide whether or not a child in their care from ages 10-12, if it is of particular entertainment or educational value for such children. Children from the ages of 10-12 years may not be allowed to watch a film classified 10-12 unless accompanied by an adult.


PG 13 – material is not suitable for children under the age of 13.


R – Rated R movies mean Restricted, with no one under 17 admitted without an accompanying parent or guardian. This rating is given for strong and frequent language and violence, nudity for sexual purposes and drug abuse.


FOR more info go to: http://movies.about.com/od/dvds/fl/How-Does-a-Movie-Get-Its-Rating.htm

Things you need to know:

Please note that gates open at 6pm.

Short Films and trailers start at 8pm.

Main Feature at 8:30pm.


What’s on offer: A selection of food stalls for all your dietary preferences, Marley Coffee, Maggino’s Bros Artisan Pizza, Sampson biltong, Popcorn with our natural pop-spice, candy on sale and Soft drinks.

 This is a DRIVE-IN Cinema – sound will be transmitted directly to car radios, so if bring a portable radio if your car doesn’t have one! (Or reply here to book one of ours).

 PLEASE note that cars will need to be parked one at a time, so arrive early to enjoy all pre-show activity and to get a good spot. We appreciate your patience – our parking marshals will do their best to get you parked as quickly as possible. Please respect the process and tune in – the fun begins as you enter….

 REMEMBER: *This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT! *Come as you are, leave as you are….with just a little more love

See you at the DRIVE-IN!


Why host your own Pop-UpCinema?
Pop-Up Cinema provides entertainment for all ages. It is a fun way to bring people and communities together, attract new business, increase revenue, as well as educate, inspire and motivate staff and students.

Through word of mouth and media attention, outdoor movie events can attract a following from within the community and surrounding areas.

What cities do you service?
We can pop-up cinema all over South Africa and have partners in Africa and around the world – so get in touch to explore the possibilities: info@pop-upcinema.com

How much do your outdoor movie cinema’s cost to hire?
Production cost will vary depending on a variety of factors. We have several different screen sizes that can accommodate a variety of audience sizes and event types (such as pool-side / rooftop, drive-in cinema, open air cinema or indoor experiential). A major factor in the production cost is the screen you choose. Another factor in the cost is the distance our team must travel to your event from our office.

What type of clients book Pop-UP Cinema?
Whether you’re planning a school fundraiser, festival, corporate event, team-building workshop, conference, for your school, NGO, or company, Pop-Up Cinema will conceptualise a cinema experience and suggest films to suit your needs and target audience. If you are looking to boost a quiet night in your restaurant or hotel, let Pop-UpCinema make magic that night!

What is included in your standard cinema set up?

  • Screen of your choice (screen size depends on no. of PAX)
  • HD Projector
  • Audio Mixer with microphone
  • Pre-site visit + full cinema set up of equipment
  • Trained, professional production team and AV technician
  • 5 x parcans for ambient lighting
  • Movie licensing assistance
  • Assistance with marketing material

How long does it take to set up an outdoor cinema?
We will need access to the venue from midday. We need at least 4 hours to set up.

What time can we start the movie?
Our projectors are bright enough to see the images on the movie screen 15 minutes before dark, however, for the best possible movie experience we suggest starting the movie 10 minutes after sunset.

Will the screens affect our venue?
Setting up our inflatable movie screen for a one night event will not damage the venue grass or flooring. The movie screens that we use, are designed to distribute the weight of the screen over the entire surface of the frame. The screens are set up only a few hours before the movie is to start and are taken down immediately after the movie screening.

Do you offer any pre-movie entertainment?
We encourage you to open doors at least 1.5 hours before the movie is scheduled to play. We have a network of entertainers (hula hoop dancers, visual artists, comedians, fire dancers) and musicians that we can refer you to. We can also offer you our mobile, massage@themovies tent, popcorn machine and pop-up gallery. Ambient music or music to suit the chosen film is a great way to set the ambiance.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Pop-UpCinema is weather reliant. In the case of heavy rain or winds the event will be postponed. We NEVER cancel the event – the show must go – We always ask our clients to have two available dates for their outdoor cinema and in the case of bad weather, customers will be contacted via email by midday on the day of the event with the postponed date of the screening.

If during setup or during the event the weather looks threatening, Pop-Up Cinema reserves the right to protect its own equipment by postponing setup/production. Pop-Up Cinema reserves the right to delay setup or to pause the production until suitable weather conditions exist.

During your event, our technicians will follow the weather report and keep you informed of any weather changes that would affect your event.