August 2021 marks the beginning of a new season for Pop-Up Cinema.

Pop-Up Cinema (Mobile Cinema Management) has grown and evolved for over a decade and is restructuring in order to focus on their screen manufacturing and sales side, as well as their philanthropy and love of short film. Thanks to their faith in us, they are passing the Pop-Up Cinema torch and trusting us to take the world’s first and only pop-up cinema directory from strength to strength into the future.

We sincerely thank the Pop-Up Cinema founder for her passion and for birthing the awesome directory that we are honored to be given the opportunity to grow. We wish her and Mobile Cinema Management all the best for the future.

What to expect
The team will remain mostly the same for season 2. We expect that initially, you may not even notice the differences as things won’t change dramatically right away. We’ll be doing incremental changes so the site will be in maintenance mode now and then. We’ll do our best to limit any downtime.

When we’re in maintenance mode
For the short periods we’ll be in maintenance mode you can still access a selection of the most popular and useful blog posts on the Facebook group.

What’s next
Since the launch in May 2021, the directory grew more than 400% and we need to keep up with that pace! We are going to be upgrading our technology, enhancing security, adding features and making plans for the future! The new leadership team will be reaching out to you, our users, to find out what more we can do to support you going forward too. But you don’t have to wait, you can always contact us with your ideas.

We’re excited about the future and thank you for your patience and support as we make the transition.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us and keep following us on social media.