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What is a pop-up cinema?
The letter F and A with the questioning emoji. Frequently asked question: What is a pop-up Cinema?

Pop-up cinema takes film out of the theatre and to the people, creating unique screening environments that redefine and enhance the cinematic experience. A pop-up cinema is a general term for any type of cinema owned and operated independently outside of a building (and sometimes inside actually). For example; open-air cinema, outdoor cinema, sunset cinema, drive-in cinema, backyard cinema, silent cinema, movies under the stars, moonlight movies, community cinema, mobile cinema.


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And since you have asked, please feel free to peruse our blogs where you can find tips for cinema owners like pre-show ideas and what we call adjacent businesses to collaborate with. If you are interested, you can always Own Your Own equipment packages.

Pop-up Cinema is the first and only global pop-up cinema directory. We’ve done our best to make it easy for filmgoers to find a pop-up cinema in their area to attend. And for event organizers and party planners to find out where to rent screens and equipment. 

If you want to know more about what we do you can always check out our Facebook About Us page.

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We’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to. We offer one-one online consulting for new owners or for existing owners who need extra help or advice. Our “20 for 20” zoom consultation sessions are 20 minutes for just $20.

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Stop suffering from FOMO and get listed on the Pop-Up cinema directory! With all the increased traffic you are going to have to deal with you may have to hire car guards. Click the button, choose your package, fill in the form, upload your images and you’re good to go! And don’t worry, you can actually preview your listing before you commit…
because we all know commitment can be scary.

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