Interview with Mikyla Emergui

Mikyla Emergui is the creative mind behind Auditory Absurdity. The young Pinelands High student directed, edited and produced this sound and visual masterpiece. Here is what she had to say when we sat down with her:  When did you realise that film was your passion and not just a hobby? The film world has always fascinated me. I think the ... Read More

Of Projection and Pikzls

Visual Projection Art is one of the newest kids on the (visual arts) block ….the new pixel in the pie.  Concepts and ideas centering around the throw of imagery onto a surface are evolving all the time, with projection mapping being one of the techniques at the forefront of this technology.  Although around since the late ... Read More

The High Cost of Cheap Gas

As the debate over fracking in South Africa’s Karoo has slowly hindered the process for the time being, Botswana quietly leased vast areas of its most protected land to gas companies. This process carries with it a high environmental impact,  destroying communities, wildlife and landscapes through toxic exposure and lowering water ... Read More

Hello, this is Rory

If you love Cape Town and frequent social media, you have more than likely seen one of the beautiful time-lapse creations shot by Rory Allen. As Rory and I chatted about the  process, his love for what he produces and the technical side of it shone, even through his reserved nature.    Rory was first introduced to Pop-Up ... Read More

Full Moon Drive-In Cinema

Rich in the distilled romance of one of cinema’s fondest bygone eras, the legendary Full Moon Drive-In offers guests an eccentrically sentimental amalgamation of ground-breaking film-making and nostalgic enchantment. Throughout summer we’ll be inviting you to join us at some of the country’s most enchanting  venues for series ... Read More