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What Now..?
Signpost of city names all around the world. So what now?

You’re asking what now..? We have all been there. We can’t read your mind but we are pretty sure you want to make more money. Maybe you want to start a new business, increase ticket sales, maximize Free advertising or Increase traffic. Since we can’t read your mind exactly, and you can’t read ours, we are going to point out a few things to you about us and what you can do. Turn that what now into right now!

Who we are!

Pop-Up Cinema began as a company that just sold screens and have been busy sourcing and supplying all the supporting technology to successfully screen movies anywhere. And we mean pretty much anywhere, from your backyard to the side of a mountain to the posh poolside of an exclusive hotel. In the background, we have also helped to create a groundswell of good faith projects to bring movies to underserved areas that don’t have classic Drive-in or picnic-style outdoor screenings.  The foundation is being built as we speak – read our Focus On Africa post where you can opt to get involved.

Filmgoers, find a drive-in or outdoor cinema!

When you’re friend turns to you on your night off and asks, “What now?” Search our map based interactive search engine to find a venue near you to watch a movie!  You can also find a cinema set up to rent for your next event.

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Entrepreneurs, Buy A Screen!

If you are interested in running a pop-up cinema we have insights in the business section of our blog. You can also go directly to our Own Your Own page.

Business Owners, Need Some Help?

So you’re thinking of buying a screen or you already got yourself a screen and you have read through the FAQ’s and you still have questions (I know I can’t believe we didn’t cover your concern either!) you can always contact us for a consultation. We can help you expand and optimize your Pop-Up Cinema business.

Add your Business to our Listing Directory!

If you are a festival runner or Pop-Up cinema screen owner you have got to be listed. With all the increased traffic you’re going to be dealing with, you may have to hire car guards and install a few robotstraffic lights.

  • First search for your company in our Listing Directory. It’s just like googling yourself, a bit of fun hey?
  • You found your free listing! Great…now what? Claim it! Just click the button. You could leave it like it is with a minimal amount of information, but just like youth, it will be gone one day. So your best bet is to claim your listing and update the information.  Now you can respond to reviews.
  • Not listed? Now you got FOMO don’t ya? No worries, just click “Add a Listing‘ and you will be taken to a form to fill in. You can actually preview it before you commit because we know commitment can be scary.

Upgrade your Package!

Make a splash and stand out by increasing your visibility with one of our various packages. Add images and increase the length of your business description, add your socials and web links to really let the people know what you’re about and how to find you.

Important Note from our SEO Expert: Properly naming your image file, the use of Alt Text fields on images to describe them, Closed Captioning on videos and Tags all help your SEO (That’s Search Engine Optimization). Not only is it the right think to do in terms of accessibility but Google may reward you with better ranking!

Our packages range from Basic to specialized Festival Events. The Red Carpet package is the VIP treatment without the painful high heels and outlandish tuxedo rentals.


Exclusive Perk: When you upgrade to our exclusive Red Carpet Package you also get some event listings for FREE!

Business Support Services Get Booked!

If you are an adjacent business owner who supplies support services like a food truck, AV company, entertainer, ticket sales platform, etc. – ask us about advertising opportunities.

Social Media

Now that you’re set up with your listing be sure to like/share/repost your listing when you see it on our social media channels! Hashtags cost nothing and allow you to be as creative and audience-focused as you want. Follow us, use our hashtags (#popupcinema), tag us in your pics, mention us in your posts, and create your own unique identifying hashtags to make it easy for your audience to find out what you are doing and where. Encourage your audience to “share” their experience at your event with the world and tag you. You can also encourage them to go back to your listing on and rate your event and write a review.

PRO TIP: Depending on the size and location of your venue experts suggest when using larger venues to raise the screen. Creating a stage or platform might be necessary for the viewers in the back to be able to see. The venue might have a natural hill or mound that could be explored for the exact location of the screen.

Don’t have social media yet? No problem, it’s real easy to set up those accounts. If you need a primer – check out our Social Media 101 blog and we will walk you through some tips and ideas of what to do and how to build a following. You can also browse through our ever-growing Blog to find other helpful information.


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Are you a POP-UP Cinema owner?

Stop suffering from FOMO and get listed on the Pop-Up cinema directory! With all the increased traffic you are going to have to deal with you may have to hire car guards. Click the button, choose your package, fill in the form, upload your images and you’re good to go! And don’t worry, you can actually preview your listing before you commit…
because we all know commitment can be scary.

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