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SPOTLIGHT: Prayer Soul Kick-starts the Pop-Up Cinema Movement in Zimbabwe
Prayer Soul

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ We caught up with Prayer Soul who has kickstarted the pop-up cinema movement in Zimbabwe. Prayer launched Cinema People in 2020 as a new way to entertain people by creating truly experiential events that create lasting, happy memories. His journey has just begun and we’re excited to follow where it will take him.

Here is his story…

Captivate, enchant and inspire is the epitome of entertainment.

My name is Prayer Soul and I have a passion for the very essence of entertaining people. It gives me immense joy and pride to watch my ideas come to life… Step by step unfolding and maturing, presenting people with an immersive experience that lasts a lifetime!

Being a musician, I learnt early in my career that you have your own expectations and the unique expectations of others. As an entrepreneur I have the freedom to be creative and innovative, affording me the privilege for more opportunities. Outdoor Cinema events are the closest to replicating what I do with music: by giving people heart and soul while having them experience my love for sharing something beautiful and unforgettable as well!

The journey of launching Cinema People has not been easy… It has been long and challenging at times, but imagination is not left to fantasy! When you have envisioned the reality of your dream countless times in your head and felt the yearning in your heart, you pursue it relentlessly until it becomes reality!

My determination and sheer passion gave me the power to strive for my dreams. The accessibility and affordability of Pop-Up Cinema Packages allowed me to turn my dream into a successful and sustainable income. Pop-Up Cinema went over and beyond my expectations especially with their ongoing support and consideration!

I am extremely grateful that we are now operating and being the source of magical memories for many to share…

Cinema People does the utmost to change the way people approach cinema in Zimbabwe – by transforming and designing an engaging and exciting experience!

From Outdoor to Indoor to our newest Drive-in, we have comprehensively been setting the motion for movie-goers.

Cinema People create an indulging, immersive cinematic experience for its clientele. With our vision and creativity we hope to inspire a ripple effect throughout the industry!!!

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